July 3, 2024
BY Olivia Bobadilla and IZZY LI KOSTRZEWA

  The true cost is an OG documentry on the issues in the fashion industry. Its really interesting, engaging, beautiful and heartbreaking. Its free to watch on youtube.

The Redress Design Awards is the largest sustainable fashion design competetion internationally, its based in Hong Kong. They have free courses on their website to teach about circular design systems in design and textiles. Highly reccomend for fasion makers and designers.

Fashion Revolution is a not-for-profit global movement in over 75 countries around the world. Fashion Revolution campaigns for reform of the fashion industry with a focus on the need for greater transparency in the fashion supply chain, and many other important changes in the fashion industry.

No Kill Magazine

No Kill Magazine is a trendy New York based journal prioritizing the wellbeing of people and the planet. In addition to their own editorial work, the magazine features sustainability news, interviews, and highlights small sustainable designers.

Slow Factory
Slow Factory is a creative non-profit platform with media oriented around social and environmental justice. Their work has helped people through establishing sustainable literacy and community oriented education programs. Slow Factory has been in collaboration with many high-profile fashion brands, and has been featured on huge news outlets like CNN, Forbes, and Vogue.

The Fashion Act

Since New York is a global fashion capital and the main fashion capital of the United States, the Fashion Act is a widely supported bill aimed to hold large fashion brands in New York accountable for sustainable practices. The bill addresses both climate and humanitarian injustices. It places the responsibility on apparel and footwear companies with over $100 million annual revenue to comply if they wish to continue sales in New York.



Remake is a non-profit organization with an optimistic approach to end the exploitation of natural resources, and garment industry workers (especially female workers of color). Remake has a large media presence expanding community education, and is constantly hosting collaborative events which are open to the public.

Good on You
Good on You is the place to go to learn how to be a conscious shopper. They are mainly known for their ratings in which you can find the biggest fashion brands and see how they are ranked in terms of sustainability, ethicality, and transparency. In addition, the website features articles on the latest sustainable consumer advice, and has resources for business owners.

Fashionopolis: The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes by Dana Thomas\https://www.danathomas.com/fashionopolis.html

Fashionopolis is a series of essays by Dana Thomas organizing her research on various fashion-related topics. The book features brand case studies and personal experiences she has had exploring different sectors of the fashion industry. Since it was published in 2019, some of the specific case study statistics are now dated, but for the most part the book cites engaging information on the problems of many different elements of the fashion industry.

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