September 27 2023 

An estimated 92 million tonnes of textile waste is produced every year. What does that even mean??? It means a blend of things, we've lost connection to our clothes, value them less, buy new ones more. Corporations play into that by producing more, and for less, to meet our desires, and reinforce a system that is bad for the environment, bad for the laborers being exploited, and bad for our emotional relationship with clothes. It didn't used to be this way!! We had an entirely different relationship with clothes up until just a few decades ago! Clothes are a tool to express who we are and who we are becoming! The old ways of interacting with clothes might be gone, but that's okay, we can build a new system, one where labor is not exploited, the earth isn't harmed, and where we define our own rules! We can make clothes from what we already have! We can learn how to sew and mend! We can redefine fashion as a tool of deeply personal self expression! Its going to be hard but we have to at least try!  


Isaboko prioritizes three key areas of sustainable fashion innovation: Waste textiles, zero waste patterning and gender free design. Theres also more like designing for end of life, and adjustability, and also radical sizing language. We can get into it. 

 Waste Textiles: Isaboko is dedicated to diverting textiles from landfill, ensuring that no waste ends up discarded in environmentally harmful ways. Through strategic initiatives and responsible practices, the brand actively seeks to minimize textile waste and promote a circular economy within the fashion industry.
Zero Waste Patterning: Isaboko embraces zero waste patterning techniques, employing innovative design methodologies that minimize material waste during the production process. By maximizing fabric utilization and optimizing pattern layouts, the brand strives to reduce its environmental footprint while maintaining high standards of craftsmanship.

Deep down, individuals strive to make morally upright choices, firmly convinced that their actions are inherently good. Even those involved in industries such as oil production claim that it is an essential resource for all, e-commerce giants like Amazon highlight the multitude of people they assist, and global corporations like Coca-Cola offer a beloved beverage to countless individuals. Similarly, fast fashion purveys the notion that its popularity reflects a genuine demand. Instead of resorting to casting blame or fostering shame, it is far more effective to illuminate a better path and guide people towards a superior alternative, showcasing the potential for a more enlightened way of living.

Can we make it better? I think so! Dont give up hope, thats what the bad guys want! Prevail kids prevail! Keep working for solutions, big and small! I dont think any one brand or one person can make the difference we need, but I DO believe in the power of inspiration and using your voice. Thats a big part of what makes art/creative storytelling/fashion so valuable, it gives you a platform to talk about ideas you have for how life is and how it could be.

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 Hey, I love you. Do you want to be a solarpunk freak? First, you have to care, second, you have to not give up hope, third, you have to have radical optimism for the future. Fourth, you have to work to make a difference. Fifth, you have to have a lot of fun. Are you ready? Let's do it! Oh, also-







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All Isaboko pieces are
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These are core ideals for radically sustainable DESIGN and if replicated
have the power to transform the future of fashion and the world.

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