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please reach out to info@isaboko.com

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YOU+Isaboko Upcycling Program

This is a part of our product selection that is made from your own textiles that you send to us, therefore all of the You+Isaboko pieces are totally extremely cool and special.

How it works: You might have a fabric in mind before you start, you might not! That's fine! First examine our YOU+I product selection to identify what you like, and then check out material options for the piece. Most have multiple options, and we are very flexible and able to make your textile dreams come true!

We recommend a material that you feel some sentimental attachment to, and that feels durable. Try pulling it and seeing if it will rip easily. Its okay if it's slightly damaged, we can repair the material in this process, or incorporate the damage in an artful way. Feel free to send a picture and description of your material and ideas for it to hello@isaboko.com if you want our feedback.

The material could be a blanket that you love but never use, some clothes that you care about but never wear, or a sentimental textile that you want to engage with more.

Check how much material you need to make your size In the product you want. The material can be larger, but not dramatically smaller than the size required.

If the piece is larger than the stated dimensions needed there are 3 things we can do.
  1. (Our favorite) slightly adjust the pattern to accommodate the material. This might mean adding an extra pleat, making the bottom hem lower, or adding a reinforcement patch somewhere.
  2. If the material is larger than what can be easily accommodated for without changing the design, we will consult you if you would like to add design details such as more pockets, a doubled collar, or an extra tie. This process may incur a small fee, if it is a design detail we have not produced before, and have to draft new patterns. 
  3. Your third option is to have us follow the original pattern and send you back the extra textile, you can frame it, or make a quilt from it, or use it as a rag, or throw it away but please don't tell us if you do that because we will cry.

Add your product in the size you want to cart and purchase. We will send a pre paid shipping label in 24 hours to the email you provided at checkout. Send in your materials using the label, we recommend sending it in an old box you have from another shipment.

We will email you with any questions once your material arrives! This may include pattern placement or any adjustments needed to utilize the material.

This process takes on average 4-6 weeks. In some instances it may take longer, in which we will email you to give notice.

When your piece arrives it will be very awesome! You can tag us on instagram @isaboko_ and tell all your friends what a sustainable icon you are.


We are not responsible for lost shipping from your material to our end, and tracking numbers should be provided to ensure safe delivery.

We do not offer exchanges or returns on YOU+I pieces.

In the case of needing an alteration or repair on a YOU+I piece we recommend taking it to a local sewist or tailor. We hope to offer free alterations and repairs in the near future! Tell your friends to order for us so we can offer that one day.

✰  R A D I C A L  S I Z I N G  ✰
Isaboko envisions a future of more inclusive sizing communication, departing from conventional labels like small, medium, and large. Instead, we've introduced a distinctive size chart utilizing stars to indicate size:★ for the smallest size,★★ for the next size up, and so forth.


Isaboko products are thoughtfully designed to accommodate a diverse array of genders, sizes, and body shapes, dynamically adapting to the wearer's evolving physique. In certain instances, a single Isaboko size may encompass multiple traditional sizes, particularly when a piece boasts an adaptable or boxy fit.

Our commitment to zero waste patterning and utilizing reclaimed textiles can lead to nuanced variations in pattern grading. Consequently, our patterns are occasionally scaled in a manner that subtly transforms the design. Visual references can be found in product images for context.

Why confine size descriptors to merely three terms—small, medium, and large—when the spectrum spans infinitely? The conventional sizing lexicon often proves limiting and inconsistent. Given that our brand is built on radical principles of garment creation and design, we're introducing a new sizing framework that seeks to redefine how we think about clothes in relationship to size.

Grab a tape measure and enlist a companion.
Take measurements for your chest, waist, and hips, referring to the provided image or instructional videos linked here.
Consult our size chart to determine the star size corresponding to your measurements.
Should your measurements fall on the cusp of two star sizes, we recommend opting for the larger size to ensure a more comfortable fit.

✰  S I Z I N G   C H A R T  ✰
in inches

✰  S H I P P I N G  ✰


"Ready to ship" items will be dispatched within 7 business days from the order date. Shipping times for "made to order" pieces will be indicated in the individual product descriptions.

U.S. SHIPPING: All items ship free.
CANADA + MEXICO: Standard rate of 15$
International Shipping: Standard rate of 25$

We employ 100% post-consumer cardboard boxes for all orders via ecoenclose. Our custom paper tape, sourced from stickermule, is recyclable along with the box.

✰  R E T U R N S + E X C H A N G E S  ✰

We do not provide cancellations or refunds. All sale items are considered final. Returns, under special circumstances, are accepted at our discretion within 5 consecutive days from order receipt, allowing consideration for exchange or credit. We entertain exchanges for unworn and resalable merchandise, contingent on availability of desired color or size. For manufacturing defects, contact us at info@isaboko.com

Items must be returned in pristine, unworn, undamaged, and saleable condition, inclusive of original tags and packaging. All received returns are scrutinized to ascertain their saleable state. Should merchandise not meet saleable criteria, shipping the items back becomes the customer's responsibility. Please note, original shipping charges remain non-transferable and non-refundable.

Await a confirmation email from our customer care team prior to returning any items. Ensure no items are sent for return sans approval. Direct inquiries, along with order number and concern details, to info@isaboko.com for review.

 Hey, I love you. Do you want to be a solarpunk freak? First, you have to care, second, you have to not give up hope, third, you have to have radical optimism for the future. Fourth, you have to work to make a difference. Fifth, you have to have a lot of fun. Are you ready? Let's do it! Oh, also-







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All Isaboko pieces are
made from waste materials,
zero waste patterns,
and designed for gender free wear.

These are core ideals for radically sustainable DESIGN and if replicated
have the power to transform the future of fashion and the world.

Making Solarpunk Clothes for Radically Optimistic Future Freaks.   Making Solarpunk Clothes for Radically Optimistic Future Freaks.