September 27 2023 

Gender-free design holds immense significance for the future of fashion, as it challenges societal norms and embraces individual self-expression. The LGBTQ+ community and numerous fashion industry figures have played a pivotal role in championing this movement. Understanding the impact of fashion psychology, we recognize that limited access to desired clothing restricts one's ability to materialize and embody their true identity. Isaboko rebels against gender norms, seeking to combat rigid perceptions of appearance and personal potential. Gender expression should be about individuality, rather than conformity to predefined standards. Clothing serves as a reflection of the self, possessing the transformative power to shape one's beliefs, actions, and sense of identity. The reliance on gendered labels such as "men's" and "women's" when describing garments appears archaic and something we can and should move beyond.


Designing with a gender-free aesthetic entails embracing personal interpretations and preferences of gender aesthetics. Isaboko strives to create pieces that can appeal to both men and women, encouraging a more expressive and experimental approach to everyday fashion. This not only expands individual expression and fosters a demand for more unique clothing but also contributes to sustainable fashion practices. Furthermore, adopting a gender-free aesthetic has the potential to reduce gender-based violence, offering a solution rooted in inclusivity and respect.

From a sustainability standpoint, designing garments that can be worn by anyone extends their potential audience, potentially prolonging their lifecycle and diverting them from the waste stream. Isaboko leans towards looser, boxier fits that challenge conventional notions of everyday attire, workwear, and gender-specific ideas of attractiveness based on body types. Many pieces feature adjustable components, accommodating changes in body shape and reducing the stigma associated with natural bodily transformations over time. Size inclusivity and diverse design are key aspects of creating a truly sustainable future. By embracing intersectionality and considering various aspects of identity and experience, we can pave the way for a more inclusive and impactful fashion industry.

This one is for all the non binary freaks out there. Hey fam. Also what even is gender free? Is it taking from some masculine and some feminine design ideals and mixing them up? Maybe the best of both? Anyone can wear anything as long as you can get yout body into it right? Tea? How do we intentionally  design for gender free wear?

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