Reiner Coat

The Reiner is made from vintage Japanese hanhaba obis. It features a square shoulder and an open back button closures. Buttons made in collaberation with Eileen Pappas.  

Dry clean only

This piece is adjustable and fits many different body sizes. 

Please email for questions.


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 Hey, I love you. Do you want to be a solarpunk freak? First, you have to care, second, you have to not give up hope, third, you have to have radical optimism for the future. Fourth, you have to work to make a difference. Fifth, you have to have a lot of fun. Are you ready? Let's do it! Oh, also-







©isaboko 2024

All Isaboko pieces are
made from waste materials,
zero waste patterns,
and designed for gender free wear.

These are core ideals for radically sustainable DESIGN and if replicated
have the power to transform the future of fashion and the world.

Making Solarpunk Clothes for Radically Optimistic Future Freaks.